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This is a list of notable individuals associated with Ames, Iowa, in alphabetical order by career. Although Iowa State was founded in 1858, it was formerly known as the University of Iowa or Iowa Institute of Technology (now Iowa University). The founding of the city of Ames is closely linked to the history of agriculture in the United States and Iowa, as well as to the history of Iowa.

Blair Ames set out to survey the land that would later become Ames, and returned to see if he could help build it and see through it. After the establishment of schools in 1858 and 1864, the city of Ames itself was founded as part of the Cedar and Missouri Railroad, which ran from Cedar Rapids to Council Bluff. Ames was served by Iowa State University, Iowa City and downtown Ames, as well as other railroad lines.

Department heads from the horticultural department and university administrations discussed the possibility of moving the garden to a larger, more visible location to beautify it. The city of Ames commissioned Iowa DOT to analyze the transit system and recommended the construction of a new light rail line from Ames to Council Bluff, Iowa City and downtown Ames, as well as Iowa State University and the University of Central Iowa in the fall of 1864. City in Ames had asked the Iowa OTD (Iowa Transportation Department) and Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) to help conduct an analysis of transit systems and recommendations, as well as a study of the public transportation options for Ames.

Although Ames is the largest city in Story County, the county town is located in Council Bluff, Iowa City and downtown Ames and is home to the University of Central Iowa and Iowa State University. Although Ames has been the county's largest city since it was incorporated in 1864, it is still the county seat.

The city was founded in 1864 and named after William Oake Ames, who was influential in the construction of the transcontinental railroad. Ames was originally founded because, according to city history, it was convenient for a railroad crossing over the Skunk River.

Houser spent time in New York before returning to Ames, where he taught at Iowa State University and worked on several public art projects, including a mural for the Ames post office. Local artists painted many murals, many of which were painted by artists who had no connection to their hometown. Ozzie Herold's younger brother Paul graduated from college at Iowa State and went to work part-time - time for his brother.

In his interview, Houser hinted that he wanted to represent different varieties of corn that have been grown by Mayan farmers in Iowa throughout history. Iowa produces more corn than any other country that originally developed corn cultivation. Ames is one of the few cities in the United States with a large population of farmers, although we do not have a state highway that serves Ames.

The Ames location allows WSI to leverage Iowa State University's talent pool. ISU students can now ride the bike route anywhere in the Ames community, only showing their ID. He is best known for spearheading the development of Iowa's first public-private partnership in agriculture, the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

In 2006, CyRide began planning and collaborating with Iowa State University and the City of Ames to develop a multimodal transportation facility that would be located at the center of the Ames community. In addition to the bike route, a transit system called Cy Ride, jointly funded by the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources, the State of Iowa and the Ames City Council, it is also offered through a partnership with the University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign.

On the campus in front of the Memorial Union building, CyRide's new headquarters, the Cy Ride Center, is being serviced by the Iowa State University Cyclists' Association and the Ames City Council. According to a university press release, the new facility will be completed in time for the 2016 / 17 school year.

Ames is one of the most successful cycling cities in the United States, thanks to the large number of professional and amateur cyclists and its reputation as a hub of cycling culture.

Iowa State University of Science and Technology, better known as Iowa State University or ISU, is a college in Ames, Iowa, USA. Ames is one of the nation's leading research institutions in agriculture, engineering, design, veterinary and medical fields. It is home to the leading medical school for agriculture and design engineering and veterinary medicine, as well as Iowa Veterinary Medical School, the largest veterinary school in the country.

The Iowa State College administration ordered the existence of WOI to make the university's programs available to the public and the general public. Therefore, the channel should be for "Iowa State Programs" that are recognized by the US Department of Agriculture and other federal, state and local governments.

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