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The Iowa State Cyclones Hall of Fame is a hall of fame honoring former students - athletes who achieved great success during their time at the University of Iowa. Since the team was founded in 1892, 16 players have been named First Team All-America in Iowa State. The team's routine was updated with fresh adjustments to old favorites like "Hail Marys" and "Coffee Cakes" from the old days.

Iowa State retained Warner from Georgia for next season, and the team had three wins and three losses overall. Iowa State set a school record with eight conference wins, but lost in the conference to Nebraska, Oklahoma and Colorado and finished 1-2-3. The team's only two losses in the conference - to Nebraska and Oklahoma - ended in first, second and third place. The Big Ten championship game against the University of Texas at Austin, Iowa City, was a 5-4-1 win and had two wins against conference opponents, including a win over Texas A & M and a loss to Oklahoma State.

The Cyclones were then invited to play Pittsburgh in the College Football Bowl Subdivision Championship Game on November 26, 2012. After scoring the goal to make it 21-14, Iowa State picked up the next kick and picked it up when Oregon couldn't use it. Oklahoma State answered with a touchdown of its own, but the Oregon defense forced a punt in the second half. The punt sunk a UO player and Iowa State converted a field goal to take a 31-17 lead. In Big Ten Championship Game Against Texas A & M in Austin, Texas State scored on the first possession of the game.

Iowa State's offensive line got things going, but there was still plenty of fighting in that Cyclone troop when the ISU punt unit reappeared. Texas A & M and Iowa State opened the game with two touchdowns, but couldn't convert the extra points on both attempts.

When you wear Iowa State clothes, you are paying homage to everything that makes you where you are by wearing it sporty. Show your spirit and carry it in every game, no matter who your team is or where it is.

If you're a fan, wear Iowa State hoodies and clothing to create a sea of cardinals in red and gold at Jack Trice Stadium. Singing "Sweet Caroline" in your Iowa State's clothes makes you part of what it is to be a student - athlete, a member of the football team, and a supporter of your favorite team.

Trice was one of the first African Americans to play football in the Midwest, and the stadium is actually named after him. Iowa State has played at Jack Trice Stadium for more than 40 years, the longest active football season in school history.

Bock was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1970, Trice in 1982 and former Iowa State head coach Bob Bock in 1984.

The first game between Iowa State and the University of Minnesota, the first encounter between the Cyclones and the Minnesota Vikings, succumbed to a heart attack in the second half of the game on September 23, 1970.

Walden was the last coach of Iowa State to beat Oklahoma, which they did on October 20, 1990. After losing the season opener, he recovered and defeated the world number one. 18 Oklahoma in his second game as head coach of the Cyclones. He recovered and defeated the No. 17 Cyclone, which lost to No.

Iowa State was outscored, falling to the Tigers 33-15, their first loss of the season and the worst loss in school history and the worst in college football history.

Iowa State recovered and shocked the seventh-seeded Nebraska Cornhuskers at home on November 14, 1992. Nebraska was undefeated with a ranking of No. After breaking the record for most points in a single game in school history (462), they beat Oklahoma State, forced an interception and ran Jeff Woody, who needed a touchdown to beat them, out of the race for the national championship.

Oklahoma's offensive line did nothing productive and the referees missed several offside decisions, but they paid for it by peeing on Matty Campbell's Cyclones as Brock Purdy put Iowa State within striking distance. Oklahoma suffered its first loss of the season and second straight loss, despite being the Big 12's second-best team behind Nebraska. In the quarterfinal against Oklahoma State, they forced overtime with a field goal and a punt return for a touchdown, inflicting a third consecutive loss on the unbeaten Oklahoma.

The professor continued to rattle the ratman and immediately forgot his ball with all the momentum, but ultimately the state of Iowa itself was to blame for the defeat and the misthrows. The second half began with Oklahoma staying hot on defense, forcing a 3-2 victory and a punt by Iowa State. A strong attack on the clock had the Sooners milking it and opening the door for a chance for Iowa State to win the Big 12 and advance to the Fiesta Bowl.

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