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Ames, Iowa, located south of Des Moines and north of Iowa City, may not be the first place to think of when it comes to family fun, but it is one of the best places in Iowa for family-friendly activities. It is home to the Iowa State Fair, the Ames Convention Center, and is housed in the prestigious Ames Museum of Natural History, a historic building on the Ames Community College campus.

The cliffs and steep slopes of the Upper Iowa River make it a truly unique paddling spot, and it looks especially cool when it is illuminated. With a bridge connecting Iowa and Wisconsin, Iowa fulfills the dream of an outdoor enthusiast. It offers many opportunities for boating and fishing as well as a variety of outdoor activities for children. This region with its numerous lakes, rivers, lakes, ponds and other waterfalls is a popular playground for children.

The largest public garden currently found in Iowa is located near the entrance to Iowa State University. The beautifully manicured gardens of Iowa State include a variety of plants, flowers, trees, plants and even a few animals. Perfect for all ages and open all year round - Reiman Gardens is a must see when you're in Ames, Iowa. Located in the heart of Ames at the intersection of Main Street and Iowa River, it has plenty to see and do. It is the largest and most beautiful of its kind in North America and is home to more than 1,000 plants.

Add this roadside curiosity and the stop of your trip to your bucket list and you won't want to miss it. Visit these Iowa attractions on your next travel adventure and add them to your bucket lists!

With so many different attractions to see and enjoy, this train ride is a great addition to any Iowa weekend!!!

Traveling may whet the appetite, but adventure is sure to work, so pick up fresh - caught seafood and head to one of the best seafood restaurants in Iowa State. This makes a great lunch or dinner for two or three or even a full meal for four or five people.

This is a popular place for ISU students to have a decadent weekend brunch with their host parents, but it is a restaurant founded in the 1970s that remains a must-have - a place to eat, no matter what the reason for visiting Ames. For coffee and a quick lunch, we recommend Stampede Coffee, a funky coffee shop where we meet voters every week. The salon has a sitting bar, an outdoor terrace with outdoor seating and plenty of seating for two or three people. You can also have lunch at one of the many outdoor tables in the café, such as on the second floor or in the dining room.

The buildings are beautiful, but most importantly, a tour of the Iowa State Capitol means you can see the greatest law library of all time. Top of our list are the 16 caves to explore and a few art museums worth visiting, including the Art Museum of Iowa and the National Gallery of Art in Des Moines, as well as the Museum of History and Architecture in Ames.

Art Center 4 is a must-see attraction, and the beach activities are rated as one of the best activities in the entire state of Iowa. Ames, Iowa is the shining sea that can be forgotten depending on location, but it is still a great place to visit.

Eagle Point Park (43) covers 160 acres and offers scenic views of the Iowa River and the city of Ames, as well as a variety of outdoor activities. Iowa ranks 15th in the nation in the number of walking and cycling trails available in Iowa. Located on the west side of Iowa City, north of downtown Ames, the trail has long connected seven cities and two counties. In cities like Anamosa, Baldwin and Decorah, the trail offers plenty of handmade wines and more.

Iowa is home to a variety of attractions in the city of Boone, including Kates State Park, the Boone County Courthouse and many more. Few attractions can claim the greatest fame in the world, including the Reiman Gardens in Ames, which house the world's largest garden of concrete dwarfs. Iowa is dotted with museums, museums and galleries, some of which are among the most significant, such as the Iowa Museum of Natural History and Iowa State University.

If you're a mountain bike hybrid, try the limestone-wabash trace trail, which runs from north to south in western Iowa. re in Pike Peak State Park, head to the ferry terminal where you will find the incredible Bildnis Hill National Monument. To experience the spooky side of Iowa, simply visit the Iowa State Museum of Natural History, the Des Moines County Courthouse or head inland to explore Ledges State Park. Try the trails of the Loess Hills in western Iowa or if you've ever ridden a mountain bike or hybrid, try the Crush Limestone and WABASH Trace Trails, which both run through northern and southwest Iowa.

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